“Pork Spare Ribs”

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When it comes to barbecue and smoking, everybody loves pork ribs. There’s whole festivals dedicated to them. They’re so much easier than you may think. All it takes is a smoker, a rub, and some time. I use what’s known as the 3-2-1 method and I’ll show you what that is here.


I took these and squared them up St. Louis style when I butchered the hog, but you don’t have to do this.



First thing you do have to do, is remove the membrane from the bone side. To do this, just pull it back from one corner with a paring or boning knife. Grab the membrane with a paper towel, and just pull it off. It’s ok if it doesn’t come off all at once, you can repeat this step until it’s done. If you leave this membrane on, it will shrink and toughen up like a leather band.


Next, take your rub and evenly coat and rub it into the ribs. It wouldn’t be a rub if you didn’t…rub it in… Continue this until all your ribs are nice and coated. Let them rest in the fridge overnight.


It’s morning! Time to smoke your ribs! Get your wood chips soaking and turn your smoker to about 180 degrees fahrenheit.


Once there are wisps of smoke in the smoker, it’s time to add your ribs. Try to position them away from the heat if you can. I put mine on the top 3 racks leaving the bottom open.

After about 3 hours, take them in and wrap them in foil and put them back in for 2 hours. Then put them back in without the foil for a final hour. 3 hours, 2 hours 1 hour…get it?


Now you can either eat them as is, or add your favorite sauce and just let them glaze on the grill. I glazed mine with my Chipotle Bourbon BBQ. Now dive in and enjoy. The meat shouldn’t fall off the bone. It should be tender and just resist the smallest amount as you bite it off the bone. As I’m typing this I’m drooling…Time to fire up the smoker…

Tools used in this post:

Masterbuilt Smoker, 40-Inch



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