“Searing Scallops”

One of my favorite seafoods out there, is the Sea Scallop. It’s sweet, tender, and just absolutely delicious. With something expensive like this, there seems to be


Bacon!!! Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, BACON!!! Is there anything in this world better than bacon? The smell of it, the sound of it, the texture

“Brioche Buns”

It’s summer time and everybody is having cook outs. Some do this and some do that, but everybody does burgers at least once. You can

“Pork Spare Ribs”

When it comes to barbecue and smoking, everybody loves pork ribs. There’s whole festivals dedicated to them. They’re so much easier than you may think.

“Lemon Curd”

I mentioned my Mom-mom from my dad’s side, now I’m going to talk about my Grandma from my mom’s side. She was a very tough

“Tart Shell”

When some people think of a high end and hard desert, they think of a tart. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an apple tart, lemon tart,


Marshmallows If you had a childhood, or you have children now, then you’ve had s’mores. They’re ooey gooey sweet delicious amazing treats that everybody loves!