“New York Style Bagels”

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There’re a few things we think about when we think of New York City. Broadway, Times Square, and the delis. Everybody has their favorite place and their favorite foods. My family has a firm love and respect for a perfect bagel with schmear (cream cheese). Sure, you could just go out and buy some bagels, but there’s something amazing about making them yourself. They’re tender, but chewy, slightly sweet, crispy on the outside, and made with your own two hands…




2 t Yeast

4 ½ t Sugar

1 ½ C Water

4 C Bread Flour

1 ½ t Salt



Sprinkle your yeast over the warm water in a mixing bowl. Add the sugar over top. Let this sit for about 5 minutes to bloom. Then Stir it together, being sure not to pull any yeast with you when you’re done.



Add your bread flour. Mix until the dough has just started to come together, then add your salt. Mix for about ten minutes using the dough hook. We’re trying to develop the gluten to make them nice and chewy, but not tough.



After it’s mixed, bring it together into a ball, almost like you’re making pizza. Allow to rise to double the size.



After it’s risen, cut into 8 equal portions, I like precision so I used a digital scale to make sure they’re all even. Take each portion and bring the corners together. Turn it over and roll into a ball like pizza dough again.



Now take your finger, and poke a hole in the center. Turn it inside out once to help stretch out the center hole. Cover and let rise for another 30 minutes. While they’re rising, get a pot of water boiling on the stove.



Add about a tablespoon of salt to the water. Place your bagels presentation side down into the boiling water and boil for 1 minute on this side. Then flip them over and continue to boil for 2 minutes longer. Remove from the water and allow to drain on a paper towel. Continue this process until they’re all done.



If you’re adding toppings, you’re going to want to make an egg wash, and brush the bagels thoroughly. Take your bagels and dip them into whatever topping you like. I’m using onions, garlic, sesame seeds, sea salt and cracked pepper.

Bake at 425F for 12 minutes, then turn the pan and bake for another 12 minutes. When they’re done, place on a cooling rack and allow to cool completely before slicing.



Top it with schmear, or smoked salmon, or whatever you like. One bite and you’ll think you were eating one on a street corner outside the jewish deli in New York. Also the perfect breakfast to make in advance for guests!

Tools used in this post:

KitchenAid Artisan Design 5-Quart Stand Mixer, Antique Copper

Bench Scraper

Kitchen Scale






  • Michael Gendreau on April 24, 2017

    Justin, these bagels were amazing! I made them with my daughters and we had a blast. They were very easy to make, and the process was very fun; however, the taste….oh my….the taste was just fabulous. They had a nice chewy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. We made “everything” bagels that really did not even need a schmear; however, we did that too! Keep them coming we have tried most of your posts and love them….the bagels just add to the english muffins as things we no longer buy because they are so easy to make at home THANK YOU! Gendreau Family

    • JustinBorecky on April 24, 2017

      I love when cooking brings families together! Take some pictures of the family making one of the recipes so I can post it!

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