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When it comes to going out to eat, we usually want to get something that we don’t get at home. When you order fish, and it comes out with moist tender meat, and perfectly crispy skin (hopefully) you wonder exactly how they got it so damn perfect!

It’s all in the little details and those simple steps that you might not think of. Searing a piece of fish is easy, once you know exactly what you’re doing.



I’ll be using a beautiful thick piece of fresh Norwegian salmon, but this method works with all of the fish you would be searing with skin on.



First step, is to score the skin of the fish. Doing this helps keep the fish from curling as the skin shrinks from cooking.



Now here’s the trick. To get that skin as crisp as possible, it has to be as dry as possible. The easiest way to do that, is to put it in the refrigerator uncovered, and skin side up. The fan and the cold air will help to dry the skin out. Leave it in there for about an hour.



As always, season your fish.



Get your pan hot at about medium heat. Then add your oil just before adding your fish. Hot pan, and cold oil, means the fish won’t stick.



Add your fish, skin side down, laying it away from you in the pan so you don’t splatter hot oil on yourself.



The fish is going to do most of it’s cooking skin side down. Watch for the meat to start to change color. Once it’s about halfway up the side, flip your fish.



Scraping a spoon over the skin, it should feel crispy and firm, almost like a potato chip. Leave the fish in the pan for another few minutes meat side down, until the fish is just slightly opaque in the middle. If you’re waiting for other proteins to finish, just set the fish aside and you can fire it in the oven for a few minutes to finish it. Otherwise, throw it right in the oven to finish. Only a few minutes per half inch should be plenty. Make sure you transfer it to a paper towel before plating to allow any extra oil to drain.



Perfectly meaty, moist and tender…oh…and of course the beautiful crispy skin that we all love!



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