“Creme Brulee”

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It’s silky smooth, sweet, creamy, and has a deliciously crunchy sugar topping. Creme brulee has been served in high end restaurants for ages and for good reason. It feels like you’re eating a touch of extravagance in every spoonful that you take. It can be tailored to suit your flavor preference, and is perfect with a hint of liquor added to it.

It used to be a fickle and worrisome task to make it. You’d have to scald your milk, and temper it into the eggs. If you add the milk to quickly to the egg, you curdle the eggs and wind up with sweet scrambled eggs. If you have the oven too high or you cook them too long, you wind up with scrambled eggs…again. So what’s the easiest way to do it?

Yeah…I’m going to say it again…sous vide friggin rocks! It makes this annoyingly worrisome and fickle dessert, easy as mixing, pouring, and dropping them in the water bath!




12 Eggs

¾ C Sugar

½ t Salt

2 oz Amaretto

1 qt Heavy Cream

Sugar to brulee



First thing to do is separate the eggs. Keep the whites for a later use. Such as angel food cake or meringue.



Add your salt, and sugar to the egg yolks and whisk until well incorporated.



Add your flavoring. I’m using amaretto. Then slowly whisk in the heavy cream. Make sure everything is incorporated before moving on.



Strain through a fine strainer.



Now there’re two ways of getting rid of the bubbles. You can either let it rest for about an hour, and then skim the bubbles off the top. OR my favorite way that involves a few seconds and a blow torch…



Fill your small mason jars, leaving a little more than a half inch at the top.



When placing the lids on, you’ll want them to be just finger tight. This means you twist the lid only as tight as you can with just your fingertips. If you go too tight, the jar could burst. Too light and the water will get in. when you place the jars into the bath, look for small bubbles to be released here and there.



Lower into the bath and cook at 181 for an hour. Then remove them and transfer them to the fridge for minimum 2 hours, preferably overnight.


Take a little sugar and sprinkle it over top of the custard. You can either place them under a broiler until the sugar is just caramelized, or take a blowtorch to the sugar, rotating the jar as you torch.



The sugar on top should be like glass. Half the fun is breaking that crisp top, the other half…is eating it!


Tools used in this post:

Anova WIFI Immersion Circulator

Chinois Mesh Strainer




  • David Arrich on October 20, 2019

    I found this recipe on Anova Culinary two years back, and have made this in my sous vide cooker in half-pint canning jars several times now and I must say, It’s hands down – second to none!

    I’ve just subscribed to your blog.

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