“Beef Ribs”

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While walking through the butcher, i saw something I don’t see often and had to buy them. Now most have had pork ribs whether they be baby back, spare, or st Louis style…but not many have had beef ribs! Beef ribs are absolutely the pinnacle of beef flavor. Sweet, meaty, beefy and everything that you love about beef all packed into each bite!

If you don’t see these very often, check with your butcher. More often than not, when they order in a rib loin to cut down into rib eye steaks, it comes with the bone on. Ask them to save it for you when they cut this off, and most will have no problem doing so…at a cheaper price i might add…




Now normally I would keep them as one large rack, but this time they were already cut. That’s ok though, we can still make them in the same fashion, they just won’t take as long…not necessarily a bad thing. IF you get them all together in a rack, there will be a membrane on the bottom that you’ll have to remove first.

First step is to soak your wood. Now I love using sugar maple, and it just so happens I have a giant one right outside my front door. I’m lucky enough to just go outside and grab a branch to cut down when I’m ready to smoke something. If you’re not able to do this, you can buy wood chips as well. Now every wood gives it’s own distinct flavor. Using hard woods are essential though. When doing beef, really any fruit wood will do, but cherry is always a good choice with beef.




Once you’ve chosen your wood, you’re going to want to put it in a container and pour simmering water over it. Using simmering water allows the wood to soak the water up faster. I use this method often because I usually forget to soak chips over night…

Allow the wood to soak for about an hour.






Next step is assembling your rub. This time I just used a very simple rub with ingredients I and most people have in their pantry.

½ C Dark Brown Sugar (I make my own, but store bought is fine too)

¼ C Kosher Salt

1 T Granulated Garlic

1 T Chili Powder

½ t Ground Mustard

½ t Ground Ginger

¾ t Ground Cinnamon

¼ t Ground Cayenne Pepper

Once everything is assembled, mix it together by rubbing everything between your hands into the bowl. This way you can fully incorporate the ingredients, allowing for the salt and sugar to combine evenly with . This may sound like a troublesome task to take, but it really does work. This step will be very important in future when you’re making rubs…especially for bacon…





Take your rub and sprinkle it liberally over your ribs, being sure to coat every side and rub it in thoroughly. IT wouldn’t be a rub unless you rub it in…if you want…ask the meat why it’s so tense…

Get your smoker ready. Set the temperature to 225.

While your smoker is heating up, this is a good time to grab a beer…doesn’t matter what kind, but you’re smoking meat…beer is a necessity…trust me…beer.




Now that your smoker is up to temperature, it’s time to add the ribs. Nothing fancy here…just throw them in the smoker directly on the rack, bone side down. Shut your smoker, and add your wood chips.

Set your timer for about 4 hours. Sit back, and relax. Keep an eye on your smoke. You’ll want to make sure there is a constant wisp of smoke coming from the smoker.

After the 4 hour mark, you’re going to want to bring the ribs inside to your oven. Wrap them in foil, and put your oven on warm (about 200F). This allows them to roast in their own juices and fat keeping the flavor and moisture intact. Set a timer for 2 hours…good time for another beer…




After the 2 hour mark, move your ribs back to the smoker for about another 2 hours. This will be the point when it takes on the final stages of it’s beautiful smoke ring. And add that bark that all smoke enthusiasts look for and crave in their BBQ.



After the final 2 hours, Take a fork and gently press the side of the rib. If the meat just starts to separate from the bone, they’re done! If the meat doesn’t gently pull away, leave them in for another 30 minutes or so and check again. Bring them in and set them aside to rest. You’ve just spent the last 8 hours working on these beautiful pieces of glorious beef, it’d be a shame to let them dry out now! Let them rest for about 15 minutes to let the juices redistribute keeping them nice and juicy.




Now, eat them as is or top them with your favorite barbecue sauce. A nice chipotle bourbon BBQ would go very well with these. Also…another beer…

Make sure after you’ve eaten every last morsel of meat off of these massive beauties, make sure you save the bones for smoked beef stock…Mmm…


Tools used in this post:

Masterbuilt Smoker, 40-Inch



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