“Anova-My Favorite Kitchen Gadget”

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There’s a huge trend beginning to pick up. Sous Vide Cooking. I’ve used immersion circulators in the industry that cost $1500-$2000! Thanks to Anova, you can do this at home for much much less. Perfect steaks every time are now within reach without going out. Amazing and never dry chicken is easy! Salmon done exactly how you like it. Even making your own yogurt at home. The Anova immersion circulator is a must have in my kitchen, and I use it almost daily. For those of you wondering, I do NOT get paid to say that!

Other than the fact that you can cook any meat to your desired temp and NEVER overcook it, it also allows you to do something else much more important; not worry about your dinner, and spend time with your family.

I myself wait until there’s a big sale on meat and buy a bunch of chuck steaks. A cheap cut of meat that is full of flavor. When you cook it at 135F for 24 hours, it becomes every bit as delicious and tender as a $35 rib eye steak for one…but it only costs $10 and can feed four! I’ll cook 10 of these chuck steaks at once, shock them in an ice bath when they’re done and then freeze them.

With the Wifi enabled Anova, all I have to do is place the frozen already cooked chuck steak into an ice bath with the Anova to keep it under the temperature danger zone. When I’m getting ready to come home from work or being out all day, all I have to do is open the app, set the temperature to 135 for an hour, and it does the rest from there. Heating the water and reheating the chuck steak without any loss of flavor or texture. Then when I get home, I make a veg and then sear the steak. Dinner just took me 10 minutes to make leaving ample time for more important things like playing with my kids.



I’m going to show you how to make a perfect medium rare ribeye steak, as well as a chuck steak that gives the ribeye a run for it’s money.



Season your steaks well on both sides. Let your pan get screaming hot. While you’re waiting, get your water heating up with Anova. The ribeye will cook at 129F for one hour, afterwards we’re going to up the temp to 135 for the rest of the time with the chuck steak for the remaining 23 hours.



Add your oil and a small amount of butter to the pan. The Butter will help to add flavor, and color the meat. Add your steaks to the pan. Wait about 3 minutes and flip over to sear the other side.



Now’s the time to add your aromatics to the bag. I use Garlic for both, Rosemary for the ribeye and a bay leaf for the chuck steak. Just smash your garlic in the bag. Add your steaks to the bag and top with a little oil. If you’re not using vacuum sealer bags, you can use a zip top freezer bag and use the water submersion method. Otherwise, seal your bags.



Add your steaks to their Jacuzzi bath!



After your timer goes off, remove the ribeye from the bath and it’s bag. Get a pan screaming hot again. I like using cast iron because it gives an amazing crust! Add your oil and place your steak in the pan. Let it sear for 2 minutes, then flip it over and add a little butter. Baste your steak while it’s searing.

Remove your steak and let it rest for about 8 minutes to let the juices redistribute.



This is a restaurant quality steak perfectly cooked the way you like it in your own home!



After the 24 hours is up for the chuck steak, sear it the same way you did the ribeye. Slice and serve! Perfectly medium rare, tender and just as flavorful as the ribeye! I’ve got friends that actually prefer the flavor of the chuck steak!

From steaks, to yogurt and even cheesecake, this thing is an absolute necessity in my kitchen. When you get yours, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! I’ll have more posts coming featuring my favorite tech in my kitchen.

Tools used in this post:

Anova WIFI Immersion Circulator

Cast Iron Skillet, 12-inch



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